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יום שלישי, 16 במאי 2017

Fashion Game

people ask me where I get inspiration for my outfits since they
are unusual,depends on who you ask ;) I get inspiration from
movies, people I meet, other bloggers and just random
combinations that turn out well, don't ask me why...
On this outfit post I collaborated with another creative: my friend
Christina that also took the pictures.
Together we went to ask other cool peeps if they could
guess what I was thinking about when I compiled the outfit(and hair, hint).
I got a lot of answers but none of them could guess the concept.Can you?
Hint: I'm the love child of ? tell me on my Instagram @timorworld5

Got this beauty on my team! Pics by Christina Mayer

Julia ,Berlin working @ About Blank and Berghain clubs.
"Actually I work at Techno clubs at the door, so I see a lot of people wearing black clothes. It reminds me a bit of the Homopatic line. I prefer the people wearing color and not black.It's coming more into fashion to wear neon, yellow and blue hair again, which I appreciate. I like the outfit, I like the colors and I like the ring (nose ring). It looks like you're having fun"

Chen Lerner, Tel Aviv 

"I think your outfit is lovely, easy going, u can't see this kind of style on everybody, which makes it special, it's nice to look at it"

Alona Nof, graphic designer, TLV

"I really like your hair,  it's stunning. It's really chic. I like the pink/black combo. It looks pop art"


Melissa, aspiring blogger,photographer and a writer "I think it's really cool, the first thing I noticed when I was walking on the boulevard, was your hair, tbh and I was thinking 'wow someone has to be really bold to have this hair color'"

Ian, London, TV producer: 

"I'm looking at this little number and I'm gonna talk myself through it so I can take it all in. Green hair, that fun's,I like that a lot, top, 'no thank you' yeah. belt, good. Short shorts, good. Fun little tights, they are also excellent and than some sensible athletic trainers in case you need to do a run at some point. It's an excellent ensemble, well done.

יום שני, 17 באפריל 2017


Hi from london

Reading the Evening Standart
     Stansted to City                            

Crush on that vampire/victorian blouse 
inspired by the styling of the movie The Picture Of Dorian Grey
      Picture #6                                                           timor bar tel aviv fashion week

I'd like 2 dedicate this post to few people I met @ London, Zoki for being as kind before and after I got kicked out of the party "End Of The World" (was this the name of it?), Fraser for approaching me randomly while we were at the Soho church and Leo for taking cool pics (picture nu 5 on street style;) keep calm and ______ ...and shoutout for my Danish fan club;) If I had a euro ("why so low?") for everytime I heard "you are mysterious", I'd have more cash. I'm thinking about a clever answer to that, like because my name is a name of an Island. Dude what do you want to know? common, but if you really want to know. read on. To me, mystery is flying to an interesting destination and meeting new people, inspiring ones while being inspired by others. I met quite a few of them (inspiring ppl). I get inspired by style (I am a model/fashion blogger ;) words (I am a writer ;) or energy, the latter is hard to notice for the untrained eye. Sometimes it can be a "difficult match" and than the script changes and the tables turn, depends on the time, the place and if I have a gun or not...haha just kidding! 

Thee mirrors gonna fall tonight

Yes it has been another one of those trippppps with interesting characters acting recklessly and teaching me about themselves and myself. Yes, I believe that the people we find ourselves with/the people who influence us most are most likely some mirror. Otherwise why would one bother? Other signs that you do: you make a tattoo because of someone or you call your daughter over your ex? both already happened to me. yeah lol?

               Drama ........love it or hate it

Sometimes I get a bit anxious from knowing that someone isn't right (gender isn't important to me when interacting with people). So if I was unpleasant in some way, it must have been love, I mean.....I think you know what I mean. I hate explaining myself. It takes my energy level down. Yeah it's a good thing to explain but its just so demanding....like some random persons' ugly kids. I'm back now in Tel Aviv and just trying to take care of my lifestyle and live like a "normal" person, which I never had the ambition to bother with, but I've discovered the magic of self care thanks to some of you. 
I live in a magical kinda way. I have always been after sensual stimulations by music, people and other things, which is the opposite of ordinary: doing what everyday people do. I never wanted to bother with the obvious. I always felt better than that. I guess I am privillaged for not needing to do that. Being an only child also helps in pushing the social pressure to where it belongs: the trash;) Back to the people around me.They did a good job and showed me the best of them. I enjoyed the show. All this would never be possible if I wouldn't be traveling. The people I mentioned (hi there) aren't living in my region. I knew from high school that I want to go international. I started to make my dream come true (one of them), right after I graduated. My first flight was actually to Bangkok with the Israeli beauty queens. So it looks like the world supports me on this.

Waking up

I could write a post about each day so let's start by telling you about the hos/tels I've been to. I stayed at the Baggies in Angel. This hostel was chosen by me because I liked the location at Angel. It all fits well. Going off the tube on Angel with my green hair, was a fab experience haha. To my surprise London streets reacted to my looks (I thought they've seen everything) and I was approached, bothered and got shit loads of attention. Which is generally not bad, I fxxking love attention...but I also like to be alone...
I do approach people sometimes but it is kinda rare. 
I traveled again on April after I was abroad already in March (Amsterdam) because I wanted to refresh after Tel Aviv after fashion weekI had nothing specific in mind except for meeting Gavin Rossdale :D 
The flight was booked, over princely last minute (the return, the one way out was free by Aegean airlines).

                     Stiletto on your neck

As I arrived it appears to me that the hostel I chose had an agreement with Elite models, and it accommodates male models coming 2 gig in London. I hope to find a cool agency that will represent me after fashion week. I had a cool conversation about this with Zoki, a girl I met on my 2nd day and also took picture number #6Since I wasn't as ambitious as my German roomates (dude they are active), I haven't tried to look for stuff online and just went into Elite models. They offered me special booking option as a blogger/model and asked me to send stuff but I felt like it wasn't the right agency for me. 

From London I flew to a second location but... it's a secret ;) you'll have to wait till July. 🍀 I leave you with a few pictures of the best dressers found in London aka London Street Style.

Pulling off thee Pink
For a guy to pull off pink is not an easy task at a llll....I love the wind jackets choise but if you look better you see the hat, and the way he pulled the pants into the shoes...this lad knows what he's doing ;)
One Swedish dream girl pls!
I met this sweet lady @ Primark, where else, she is from Sweden, which isn't a surprise.Again a good mix of a stylish outer wear and hair accessory  
Check out his blogger girlfriend 

Picture nu 5
GernderBender 0.2


יום שבת, 25 במרץ 2017

מלכה אמיתית מחלקת לאזרחים נעליים/הגרלה

היי :-)) 

אני עורכת הגרלה ובה אני מחלקת לכן זוג נעליים של מותג נעלי הנוחות קאיה. 
למי שלא מכיר, נעלי קאיה הן מותג ישראלי של נעלי נוחות שמוכרות בארצות הברית.
אני לא מסוגלת ללכת על נעלי ״עקב״ אחרות, לכן החלטתי לחשוף בפניכן את הפלא.
מה צריך לעשות כדי להכנס להגרלה? לעקוב אחרי באינסטוש timorworld4@ במהלך השבוע..ולספר לי לאיזה צבע כדאי לי לצבוע את השיער (בפעם הבאה שאני צובעת;).
הזוכה המאושרת תוכל לבחור זוג נעלי נוחות (מגף הפלטפורמה המגניב שבתמונה) בשווי 500 שקלות בצבע אדום (בתמונה) ירוק, קאמל או שחור ותקבל ממני הודעה על כך באינסטא, אז שימו לב להודעות נכנסות.

איסוף ממרכז תל אביב, שיהיה לכן אחלה של שבוע,

טימור  x