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יום ראשון, 7 באוגוסט 2016

Who is right and who is wrong?

IN today's post I'm going to get you back to basix. 
Yourself, biatch. You always know who is right and wrong for you and the only thing to do is to follow this intuition, which is hard sometimes because life is full of pretty temptations. 
Pretty temptations
I know how beauty can open any door, beauty is important to me too. I always dated beautiful men and the idea of power couple sounds so damn good. Like two super heroes that r getting everything!

Models land money

Break it down

Many people regardless of how they look aren't right for you :( you have to know when to get your legs off your gas,girl (if you are a boy, I won't tell) but still it's easy to get kinda carried away: you are lonely, bored or both. 
You're gonna be sorry after you're divorced + 1 

Lock it down
How do you go eliminating strangers? is this person right for me? If your answer is yes, feel free to do wtvtf u want. He may not understand that you are right for each other but that's not your problem. You can only do your part.
Harajuku Israel parade!
If the answer is no, pls stay away. Avoid and if you can't because you are lonely or something, or he's good looking, try to keep it as shallow and short.
Use any opportunity to make the cut. If you wait they may cut. Be sad not, say thank you! Ideally you should cut, so your ego won't get hurt, unless you can get stoned all day long so than, do that.
Where the good people leave their luggage and go drink coffee
So what have we learnt today: just like the bible, there are four types of brother: the bad (not right for you), the clever (you dah?), the clueless (doesn't get it) and the one who don't know how to ask and probably won't even read here, busy watching cartoons!

Write something :)

יום שלישי, 5 ביולי 2016


נוסעת ללונדון בקרוב ואני ממש רוצה בגדיםם! קצת השתעממתי לאחרונה מסגנונות שונים ואני לא רוצה להשתעמם יותר...מחפשת השראה חדשה והאמת שייתכן שמצאתי 
Going to London soon ( in a week time!) I have got to have a new collection of stuff, I got a bit bored with fashion lately and I don’t like to be bored....... I designed my first sleeveless yesterday and this is how it looks. Whatch think gals? :)

יום רביעי, 8 ביוני 2016

DISTORTION FESTIVAL Streetstyle and adventures DAG #2

Yo, I just did! haha, the 2 Main party tracx aka Street parties of DISTORTION festival! 

Adventures so far:

1. I slapped a guy that tried to touch me ( it's easy to touch people when it's crowded) and he was shocked. I didn't give him my best one bcas he'd be on the 4. 
2.Today I got stopped by BITCH SLAP magazine who took my pix for their Streetstyle issue. Things always make sense! And collected these great outfiters !

distortion streetstyle,bartimor.com, gold skirt outfit
Gold trans am 
distortion streetstyle,bartimor.com
Sexy gal 
copenhagen streetstyle,bartimor.com
Shoes on fleek (enlarge)
copenhagen streetstyle,bartimor.com
Army style
copenhagen streetstyle,bartimor.com
copenhagen streetstyle,bartimor.com
French sports
distortion streetstyle,bartimor.com, styling leperd print dress
Tiger to you

יום ראשון, 8 במאי 2016


Great outfits 
Went on my bus from Copenhagen on 1. Went early and arrived after asking people (as many people as I can)
Went on the bus and waited for My Rastafari Danish friend Emil. In the meantime I spotted a perfect outfit that was waiting outside waiting to get on the bus. 2 minutes after I took her picture she came to sit next to me, but two minutes later Emil came and I had to tell her to go find another sit. 

Waiting for the bus for Åarhus
Emil is my Danish friend and we had quite few mutual entertaining stories. He is the most giving person I met. He brought some Irish coffee ( a.k.a breakfast) and we had a good trip to the north crossing the sea to the Danish island Jutland plus free coffee on the bus, a kind, not unusual Danish gesture ( giving freebies just because). 

Arrived at 4 we took our stuff and went to get our wristband for that we followed the signs to the 4 star hotel impressive Radisson Blu (4 but feels like 5) whose bar turns to the happening place at night with all the music peoples (biz and art) are hanging out, getting drunk and listening to the Backstreet boys(hi Nick!) but later about that.

I got my tag, Emil got his wristband and we went to my hostel. 
Which turned to be a nice surprise including random people talking to us and telling us different things about various subjects.
We than went to Emils cute friends flat and got ready for the first show in Tape club!
(Which was close to my hostel luckily cuz I kinda got lost on the way)
The Tape club had music shows going on all night and we saw a band called Modest. which was nice. I attach a video of a Danish band I liked from the lineup (which consists of over a 100 different artists)  

Hope you like it!

יום ראשון, 3 באפריל 2016

פעם ראשונה בפריז -1ST TIME PARIS

פעם ראשונה בפריז
זו פעם ראשונה שלי בפריז, הייתן מאמינות? אבל היה יפה מאד. טיילתי עם ידיד מקומי שהראה לי את עיר האורות ונהנתי מהעיר, לובר, שטלה וזהו. הייתי רק יומיים אבל אני מקווה לחזור כדי לעלות למעלה ( לא עליתי לאייפל… כן דגמתי את הקניונים ולפריז אין משהו מיוחד להציע מלבד המזכרות המתוקות בחנויות.

יום רביעי, 24 בפברואר 2016

I designed!

I designed! Can’t get anywhere! Buttttt @myjulbox ! Where you can design your own #jewels ! Xxx do you need a discount?
את העגילים המקסימים האלו עיצבתי כחלק משיתוף הפעולה שלי עם My Jewel Box
חברה צעירה שמבינה עניין וליכדה את הבלוגריות הישראליות לאירוע מגניב שבו עיצבנו תכשיט לעצמנו. יש להם אתר ידידותי ונהדר שבו אפשר לעצב תכשיט- דה ניו שיט!
אני עיצבתי עגילים שלא ראיתי בשום מקום בעולם ואני מטיילת הרבה.
לגלייז וגשו לאתר שלהם אם בא לכן לעצב תכשיט שלא תראו בשום מקום. כן, זה גולד פילד!
צריכות הנחה?

Cute Unicorn